Tour Prices

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At Vinitours our full range of wine tours and vineyard visits all include tutored tastings which normally will include tasting a comprehensive sample of the wines on offer by the wine producer. Our Italian wine producers are located in very different areas of central Italy and each producer will offer wines which are typical of their particular geographical area, so each tour is individually tailored to the requirements of our clients and no two tours that we offer are ever identical.

Artisan Producers

Vinitours is pleased only to only work with small artisan producers and where possible all the wines are produced using certified organic methods and in some cases by the even more stringent biodynamic methods of growing and production. Organic and Biodynamic methods of production are increasingly popular with with wine consumers and we are happy to be able to offer these more specialist tours to our clients. Biodynamic and organic wines tours are still quite difficult to find in Italy and we at Vinitours are always searching for new alternative producers who will offer visits and tastings at their vineyards.

Half Day Tour from Only 40 euros pp

Prices for a half day tour in 2014 can start from as little as €45 per person which then reduces to €40 per person for groups of four or more, but a full list of prices and dates can be supplied by us to interested parties. There are also reduced rates for tours lasting a full day and in some cases tours and visits can be arranged for two or three days, three days being the maximum time that we offer.Tours which last more than just a single day do give time to visit several vineyards in the same area and also allow visits to the olive oil mills and groves that we also have on offer should they also be of interest.

Accommodation & Meals

Where several vineyards are to be visited and a tour to last a day or more, lunch can be provided, as well as transport for larger groups if sufficient notice is given to us about the size of the group involved and also the dates required. Accommodation can also be arranged for individuals or groups, usually staying in a local Agriturismo or family run hotel, as we always try to use contacts and our friends in the local communities where our visits and tours are held.

Book Accommodation Early

Accommodation at some of the luxury properties and castles that we have on offer are always in great demand and very popular, each year many of our clients return to stay at the same venue, from where we arrange for them a series of excursions, visits and tastings. The number of rooms on offer at these beautiful venues are very limited and normally they will require to be booked quite early in the year in order to be sure of a confirmed room or suite.

Make a Reservation Enquiry

Please do contact us at Vinitours for full details and dates of all the tours we now offer, also for the full range of prices of both our tours and for details of any accommodation and transport should these also be required.