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Sealing the wine bottles
VINITOURS organise wine and olive oil appreciation tours in the regions of Tuscany, Le Marche and Umbria in Italy. Our tours are organised with our friends who are small artisan wine, oil and food producers in these regions and whom we have known for many years.

We offer an exceptional service to single travellers, large groups, couples, as well as tailor made, corporate tours for large organisations and companies. Our tours are arranged to suit our clients’ specific requirements, based on choice of region, wine and olive oil preferences.

Location, Location

Highlights of our wine and olive oil tours include private wine and olive oil tastings in wonderful locations, which include castles, large country estates, monasteries and historic mansion houses. We can also arrange visits to specialist cheese, pasta and salami makers and also specialist workshops to taste and understand the many different tastes, aspects of production and health benefits of honey.

Vinitours have many fantastic wine producers with years of experience of producing excellent wines. One producer is in Umbria near to the beautiful and historic town of Todi and there are many other wine producing partners in Le Marche and Tuscany.

We have many good friends and contacts who are involved in the production of wonderful wines and olive oils which are usually not found outside of the very limited areas of their production. Our associate, who looks after our tours in the Le Marche region comes from a town in the central Marche province of Ancona.

He is also a producer of fine extra virgin olive oil and has an in depth knowledge of that area and the local culture, along with the many other producers that we are pleased to be involved with.

We are constantly updating and adding to our range of tours and also the areas we cover in Italy. We would be delighted to arrange a memorable tour for you, so please do get in touch and let us know if there is a particular region you wish to explore.

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